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Sand Washing Plant

Sinonine sand washing plant can be applied to various sand production fields to clean, remove impurities, screen, grade, dewater. Sand products used in the different areas can be produced by different sand washing systems. Sinonine has developed a series of sand washing systems for construction, foundry, glass making, and oil fracturing, etc for processing different kind of sand, such as quartz, artificial sand, dune sand, river sand and other raw sand.
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Construction sand washing plant

The crushed sand or river sand for construction has a particle size of about 4.75mm. It is necessary to clean the soil and recycle fine grained sand to finally get the finished construction sand that meets the needs of the construction industry. Construction sand washing system mainly includes sand washing, fine sand recovery, dewatering, water treatment and other functional modules. Crushed sand or clay-bearing shall be washed by raw the sand washer for one or two times, after washing the sand slurry is sent to the dewatering screen, sand slurry containing a certain amount of water then enters into the hydrocyclone for fine sand recovery, and the recovered fine sand is returned to the dewatering screen for dewater, the tailings is the final impurity containing soil and it is discharged into the thickner for water treatment.


Oil fracturing sand washing plant

Particle size specifications of conventional frac sand are divided into 20-40 mesh, 40-70 mesh, 70-120 mesh to meet the needs of different stages. The original sand by powerful scrubber to remove impurities wrapped on the surface of sand , and then washed by the sand washer water to remove clay and other impurities, the cleaned sand is classified through hydraulic classifier to obtain sand products suitable for requirements of different particle size range, qualified sand products through the dewatering process to get dry finished sand products.


Glass sand washing plant

Ordinary glass sand requires Fe2O3 content less than 0.03% and its particle size is generally controlled between 100-600 microns. Raw sand is pre-cleaned and screened to remove part of impurities, and then enters the powerful scrubbing machine to scrub off the impurities wrapped in the surface, and then enters the hydraulic classifier for particle size classification, and sand slurry then enters the magnetic separators for iron removal, finally through dewatering and drying the glass sand products are obtained.


Foundry sand washing plant

Silica sand for foundry requires silica sand to be pure and without impurities, with a round grain shape, a content of SiO2 of around 94-98%, and a size of 50-150mesh. The raw sand suitable for making foundry sand is first screened to remove impurities, and then scrubbed and washed by a powerful scrubbing machine, and then washed by a sand washer. After washing, the sand slurry is classified by a hydraulic classifier, and then dewatered and dried to obtain foundry sand products.

Sinonine can provide a complete set of sand washing plant solution and equipment. In addition to the conventional treatment process mentioned above,Sinonine can also use particle size classification, strong magnetic separation, acid pickling and other technological processes according to the property of quartz sand to produce high-purity quartz sand products with different requirements.

Case 1:Huangshan annual output of 400,000 tons quartz sand washing production line

The production line produces quartz sand products used in a variety of industries, including high purity quartz sand for high-end glass and for manufacturing quartz crucible. The project technical requirements are high, Sinonine demonstrated each process of the final solution and obtained the optimal technical process through experiment and verification. The project has an annual output of 400,000 tons of quartz sand, and the products sell well. This project is a representative project of Sinonine EPC service, which typical demonstrates Sinonine's technical advantages and turnkey service ability. The advanced technical design, high-quality equipment, cost-effective solution and efficient project operation mode are highly recognized by customers.

Case 2:Mongolia  450,000 tons per year glass quartz sand production line

The raw material of this production line is massive quartz stone. After crushing, screening and grinding, it enters into the classifying system for classification, and then the iron material is removed by magnetic separation and other processes. Finally, the glass quartz sand with higher purity is obtained after dewatering.The production scale of this production line is large, the product quality is very high, the product sells very well. 

After investigating many suppliers at home and abroad, we finally decided to cooperate with SINOINE and after more than a year of cooperation, our silica sand production line has been successfully commissioned. SINONINE has the leading quartz/silica sand production technology and equipment fabrication capability, which can help customers to get the best results with the lowest investment cost.

Compared with the local quartz sand production line, Sinonine provides more comprehensive product details, and the production cycle is also very short. Although the delivery took some time, it is still much faster than the local procurement. In addition, the price is really affordable. I am optimistic about the overall prospect of Sinonine, and I hope they can come to visit us more. The market here is very large.


Sinonine sand washing plant can be applied to various sand production fields to clean, remove impurities, screen, grade, dewater. Sand products used in the different areas can be produced by different sand washing systems. Sinonine has developed a series of sand washing systems for construction, foundry, glass making, and oil fracturing, etc for processing different kind of sand, such as quartz, artificial sand, dune sand, river sand and other raw sand.
Sinonine high purity quartz sand production line is used to produce high purity and ultra-high purity quartz sand with SiO2 content higher than 99.999% for the production of quartz crucible and high-end electronics industry. Selecting the appropriate quartz stone as the raw material and processed in the high purity sand production line, through a series of purification processes the high purity quartz sand is obtained, an annual output of 3000-50,000 tons of large-scale industrial production capacity can be achieved. Sinonine owns the state-of-art technology in HPQ purification at the world's leading level.

The impact crusher is used for medium and fine crushing of stones. The design of Sinonine impact crusher adopts novel design principle, new concepts of crushing technology; meets demands of crushing different materials in different degrees. Sinonine Impact crusher not only has a great crushing ratio and fine products of uniform shape, also consumes less power per unit. The unique design of impact lowers its cost of repair and maintenance, thus improves its productivity and reduces its cost. Impact crusher proves the bright prospect of its application in mining processing industry through large scale projects.

Jaw crusher is primary crushing equipment in stone crushing line. Sinonine Jaw Crusher is of single toggle type with features of simple structure, easy maintenance, stable function, low operation cost, great crushing ratio. Jaw Crusher is used widely in mine, metallurgy, construction, road, railway, hydro-electric, and chemistry. It is suitable for the primary or secondary crush of large rock with compressive resistance no more than 320MPa. PE type is used for coarse crushing, and PEX type is used for fine crushing.
Apron feeder is to transport ore to primary crusher for evenly and continuously feeding. Apron feeder is important in ore feeding and conveying system, and also for short distance material delivery. Apron feeder is especially appropriated for transporting materials with large proportion, large particle size, and strong abrasiveness, and can work reliably in the open air, humidity and other harsh conditions. Apron feeder can be widely used in metallurgical, mining, cement, and building materials. Both horizontal and oblique installation is ok for apron feeder, the maximum installation angle of apron feeder can reach 25º.
VSI sand making machine is the latest successful crushing machine with the international advanced technology. Many years technology accumulation and modern processing equipment ensure the leading position of the VSI sand making machine in this industry. Excellent cost performance and reliability make VSI sand making machine outstanding in the similar products. VSI sand making machine is the perfect combination of the latest research result of Germany and Chinese present working conditions. It is currently the exclusive production sand making machine with the worlds advanced level. VSI sand making machine is suitable for crushing and shaping soft or middle-hard or extremely hard materials, widely applied to pebble, rocks (limestone, granite, basalt, dolerite, andesite), iron ore tailing, artificial sand making of stone chips. VSI Sand making machine is also applied to water conservancy and hydropower of engineering field, high-grade highways, expressway and railway, passenger railway, bridge, airport pavement, municipal engineering, sand manufacturing and aggregated rock shaping.


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