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  • Silica Sand Processing Plant
    Quartz sand processing plant is used to produce all kinds of quartz sand products, improve the content of SiO2, reduce the content of impurities, to meet the needs of glass, casting, electronics, chemical, construction, filler and other industries.The raw quartz stone or quartz sand needs to be puri Read More
  • High Purity Quartz Sand Plant (HPQ)
    Sinonine high purity quartz sand production line is used to produce high purity and ultra-high purity quartz sand with SiO2 content higher than 99.999% for the production of quartz crucible and high-end electronics industry. Selecting the appropriate quartz stone as the raw material and processed in Read More
  • Glass Sand Washing Plant
    Sinonine glass sand washing plant is to produce ultra-white Photovoltaic glass quartz sand, float glass quartz sand and glassware silica sand. The particle size and chemical composition requirements of kinds of glass quartz sand are as follows.Specification of glass sandItemSiO2(%)Fe2O3(%)Al2O3(%)Si Read More
  • Sand Washing Plant
    Sinonine sand washing plant can be applied to various sand production fields to clean, remove impurities, screen, grade, dewater. Sand products used in the different areas can be produced by different sand washing systems. Sinonine has developed a series of sand washing systems for construction, fou Read More
  • Silica Sand Magnetic Separation Production Line
    Iron removal from silica sand is an important process in silica sand production. The iron content in silica sand products directly affects the quality of products, which is an important index to evaluate the quality of quartz sand. Sinonine provides silica sand (dry type or wet type) magnetic separa Read More
  • Silica Sand Flotation Production Line
    Flotation is an important way to obtain high purity silica sand. Through flotation, not only the residual weak magnetic iron in silica sand can be removed, but also the aluminum oxide, mica and other non-magnetic materials embedded in the silica sand can be removed, thus making the silica sand more Read More
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