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  • What are the main advantages of Sinonine in quartz sand processing?

    A Sinonine has rich experience and mastered the purification methods and solutions of all kinds of quartz sand ore in the world, and can design the most reasonable technical route and select the most effective equipment according to the specific raw material of customers, and complete the production line erection in the shortest time with the lowest investment.
  • What are the content of quartz sand production line design?

    A We have our own technical and design team to design all the drawings needed for the production line, including technical process, water supply and drainage, electrical, civil engineering, general drawing, machinery and other design content.
  • What services does Sinonine provide?

    A Sinonine can provide quartz sand production line A-Z full services on a turnkey basis, covering quartz sand production line design, equipment manufacturing, production line installation and commissioning, production guidance and other needful services for quartz sand processing.
  • What is the capacity of quartz sand production line?

    A The production capacity of common quartz sand production lines is generally 5-500 tons per hour. The production capacity of ultra-high purity quartz sand (HPQ) production line is 3000-10,000 tons per year.
  • We do not have any experience in quartz sand production line, can we invest and buy a quartz sand production line?

    A We will help you complete all the processes of the construction of the quartz sand production line, we will guide you to prepare all the conditions required for the quartz sand production line, including raw materials, land, water and electricity, labor, etc. During the construction of the production line, we will send experienced engineers to the site to guide the installation and commissioning, and train your own technicians after the normal operation of the production line. Until you fully master the production line production technology, if there are any problems in the future, we will solve them through various ways and channels, and there will be no worries.
  • Is Sinonine's quartz sand production line customized?

    Our production lines are customized, are specially designed for customers, the selected equipment is also specifically in line with the needs of specific customer production lines, and the design drawings are also customized.
  • How much does a quartz sand production line cost?

    Due to the different capacity of the production line and different product requirements, the cost varies greatly. The main factors that influence the cost of quartz sand are the quality and formation of raw materials, the purity of the finished product, the capacity of production, etc., We will make the cost budget as soon as possible for reference.
  • How long does the construction cycle of quartz sand production line need?

    A After the contract is signed, from design to production line commissioning, it can be completed in 6 months to 1 year varying due to the different capacity. The design, equipment fabrication and site foundation construction can be carried out simultaneously.
  • What is the purpose of the quartz sand processing test? How many samples are needed?

    A The purpose of the quartz sand processing test is to simulate the production process in the laboratory, explore a reasonable production process, so as to find the most economical production solution, have a comprehensive understanding of the quartz sand raw materials, fully evaluate the quality and yield that can be achieved, and lay a good foundation for the construction of the production line in the future. Generally, 10-20Kg sample is needed for each sample.
  • Why is Sinonine's quartz sand production line so cheap?

    We are the manufacturer and designer of production, and the plant design and equipment manufacturing are all completed by ourselves, which can control the cost to the minimum and give profits to our customers.


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