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Overseas Friends Visiting Sinonine To Discuss Quartz Sand Production Line Project
In recent years, Sinonine has been active in expand the overseas market, and the advanced quartz sand purification technology has been brought to many overseas customers and helped them set up silica sand plant. With excellent service and low price, Sinonine has won the trust of many overseas custom
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The Fabrication of A Complete Quartz Sand Production Line is Completed
The Sinnonine production workshop is very busy recently, a batch of quartz sand production line equipment is completed, and the test-run of equipment is going on.Very soon, the quartz sand production line will cross the sea, an be sent to the customer's quartz sand production line project site.This
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The SiO2 Percentage of Quartz Sand Is Increased From 72% To 99.9% by Flotation Process
Quartz sand flotation purification technology of Sinonine has been in the leading position in the quartz industry. The quartz sand raw materials with low SiO2 content can be cleaned through flotation process to finally achieve high grade quartz sand concentrate. Quartz sand flotation technology is s
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