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Horizontal bead mill
Horizontal bead mill is continuously-processing grinding and dispersing machine with a horizontal chamber.It is the most widely used, most advanced and most efficient ultra-fine grinding machine.The horizontal bead mill can be divided into disc type bead mill, rod pin type bead mill and turbine type bead mill based on the shape of the working part for the grinding medium.
Disc type horizontal bead mill


Working principle of horizontal bead mill


The horizontal bead mill mainly drives the dispersing shaft for high-speed movement by the electric motor. Under the action of the dispersing disc, the grinding medium performs high-speed movment, and the friction and shearing force make the material to be ground and dispersed repeatedly. Finaly, the grinding medium is separated by the dynamic separator and the the screen mesh to make the qualified material flow out from the discharge pipe.Meanwhile, the material is pumped into the charmber through the feeding system constantly, thereby realizing long-term continuous grinding working.
Rod pin type horizontal bead mill


The feeding system of horizontal bead mill
The feeding system consists of a transfer pump and a pipe, material is pumped from the storage tank into the bead mill drum,the flow rate of the pump can be automatically adjusted.
Thermal dsign for grinding drum
In the grinding process, a large amount of heat is generated. The horizontal bead mill is designed the drum with a jacket, forced cooling through a spiral diversion tank. According to temperature requirements of the materials and the volume of the bead mill, it can choose different cooling machine.the optional size of the cooling machine can realize the control of the grinding temperature and protect the characteristics of different materials.
The buttom of the drum support is euqipped with casters, When the connecting bolts are removed, the grinding drum can be pulled out for maintenace or cleaning.
Mechanical seal
The horizontal bead mill adopts double mechanical seal to make it fully enclosed, thus eliminating material leakage during production in oder to reduce pollution.
Each horizontal bead mill is equipped with an organic sealing tank. The cooling liquid is pumped into lubricate and cool down the mechanical seal circularly by the electric pump. It can choose different cooling liquid according to different grinding material.
Transmission component
Due to the high speed of the horizontal bead mill, only one level of belt driver can reduce the speed of the motor to the required speed. The main motor is mounted on the motor board, and the motor is lifted and lowered by adjusting the bolts to facilitate the exchange and tension of the V-belt.
Turbine type horizontal bead mill


Specification of disc bead mill
Model CDS-20 CDS-30 CDS-50 CDS-100 CSD-300 CDS-500 CDS-1200
Main power(Kw) 18.5-22 22-30 37-45 55-75 90-132 160-200 315-355
Charmber volume(L) 20 30 50 100 300 500 1200
Max.flow rate(L/h) 50-250 100-500 200-1000 250-2500 >2000 >3000 >5000
Specification of rod pin bead mill
Model CDP-6 CDP-10 CDP-30 CDP-60 CDP-90 CDP-150 CDP-300
Main power(Kw) 15 22 45 75-90 110-132 160-186 250-315
Charmber volume(L) 6 10 30 60 90 150 300
Grinding medium(mm) 0.2-2 0.2-2 0.2-2 0.2-2 0.2-2 0.2-2 0.2-2
Weight(kg) 600 750 1500 3000 4000 6000 7500
Specification of turbine bead mill

Model TN-2 TN-10 TN-18 TN-30 TN-60
Main power(Kw) 5.5-7.5 15-22 30-37 37-45 55-90
Charmber volume(L) 2 10 18 30 60
Cooling water (L/h) 1000-1500 1500-2200 1800-2500 2500-3000 3000-4000

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